28 March 2014

Spring reading list

dgp's Winter 2013/2014 Subscription Bundle
Need some new poetry in your life? 

Run out of new books to read after all these snow days?


If you answered yes to one (or all) of these questions, CHECK THIS OUT: you can now buy quarterly subscriptions to the dancing girl press chapbook series. You get 26 new poetry chapbooks from up-and-coming writers for only $100. And you get free shipping!

This first subscription for the Winter 2013/2014 Bundle includes my chapbook, plus the following 25 titles:

Sea/Worlds, by Crystal Gibbins
Solitude Being Alien, by Kimberly Alidio
No One Lives Here, by Mollie Wells
We Build Houses of Our Bodies, by Donna Vorreyer
Object Reference Not Set to An Instance of Object, by Jenn Marie Nunes
Taste of Hibiscus, by Soyini Ayanna Forde
Clear1ing, by Emmalea Russo
Fetching My Sister, by Danielle Ryle
Squall, by Jennifer Lobaugh
Animals in Pretty Cages, by Carrie Bennett
Interior Sculpture: Poems in the Voice of Camille Claudel, by Kathleen Kirk
The Hasp Tongue, by KC Trommer
{apparatus for manufacturing sunset}, by Laressa Dickey
After Touring the Body Room, by Molly Curtis
All of the Men I Have Never Loved, by Zoe Dzunko
And separately we are, by Carol Rowntree Jones
Philomela, by Tara Mae Mulroy
House cats, Yu Han Chao
Spindrift, Laura Madeline Wiseman
Undressing, by Nicole Steinberg
White Deer, by M. Forajter
Aloha Vaudeville Doll, by Arianna Sophia Kartsonis
How We Came Ashore, by Leslie Jenike
Every Song By Patsy Cline, by Kimberly Ann Southwick
One Simple Step to Keeping a Clean Gun, by Jessica Ankeny 

02 March 2014

The Emerald City

How did I just now realize that I have been in Oz for the last few days?!  

Happy happy tenth anniversary to Fairy Tale Review in the Emerald City! 

Happy AWP Seattle!

But there really is no place like home. Glad to have been there, and glad to have made it back again!

01 March 2014

AWP Seattle: Greatest Hits of 2014

1. Met Nance Van Winckel and looked on as she happily signed the broadside that I designed with Jehanne for Literary House Press.

Two lovelies: Jehanne Dubrow and Nance Van Winckel

2. Met my amazing editor/publisher Kristy Bowen at the Dancing Girl Press table.

3. Caught up with an old poet-friend from undergrad, the indomitable Alyse Bensel. She, Owen, and I ventured into downtown Seattle for an evening of delicious Thai food, strawberry mojitos, and book shopping at Elliott Bay Book Co.

4. Attended the hands-down best panel of the Conference: "Magic and the Intellect" with Lucy Corin, Kate Bernheimer, Rikki Ducornet, and Anna Joy Springer. I took a lot of notes, but I think the line that will stick with me most was Kate's "magic is to intellect as fairy is to tale." Perfect. For further reading in this area, I highly recommend this series of essays in the Buch Märchen issue of Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics from The Volta, beginning with Kate's, of course. (I am also a new Lucy Corin fan now. If you haven't read her, CHECK HER OUT.)

5. Got to meet an idol: Kate Bernheimer! After getting my hands on a copy of the GORGEOUS brand-new Emerald Issue of Fairy Tale Review, I asked her to sign it for me. (It also came with a packet of magic red poppy seeds!)

6. Had the honor of representing Fairy Tale Review for an hour behind the journal's Bookfair table and hung out with assistant editor Erin Zweiner.

7. Working with this fabulous crew at the Lit House table! And chowing down on some delicious donuts with them at Seattle's famous Top Pot Hand-Forged Doughnuts.

My Lit Housers: Maddie Zins, Owen Bailey, Todd Cooley, Harris Allgeier, and Grace Arenas.

This collection of wonderful, beautiful moments is enough to sustain me for a good while, I think. But I'll be back again one day, Seattle. Just you wait.