13 October 2014

A review to cure the Monday blues

The Book of Scented Things received a new review today from Grace Cavalieri at the Washington Independent Review of Books. We were singled out for the October edition of her "Poetry Exemplars" column, in which we are lucky enough to appear alongside new books from Michael Collier and Katie Ford, among others. I am also beyond flattered that Cavalieri chose my poem "Elegy with Osage-Orange" to excerpt for her review.

As the least accomplished poet of this intimidating group of powerhouse writers, I understandably have a bit of an inferiority complex about my little poem appearing alongside theirs in our beloved anthology. Thanks, Grace Cavalieri, for helping me feel like my poem has earned its place there. Happy Monday!

I also found out a week or so ago that Midway Journal has nominated my poems from volume 7, issue 4 for the 2014 Best of the Net! Thanks so much Midway editors!! My fingers are crossed hard.

08 October 2014

A new kind of beauty for a new age

After a year out of circulation and a full redesign, The Lumberyard is back! Issue 11 is brand-new, gorgeous, and has a poem of mine in it. This magazine gives a great deal of attention to design and always has a stunning, letterpress-printed cover. Check it out:

Even the interior is impeccably designed. I'm in love with how they illustrated my poem "from Atomic Age" and laid it out on the page. It's absolutely perfect, this beautifully simple and regal two-page spread.

I am so thrilled to have my poem made into a piece of visual art by designer Larry Buchanan, in this issue curated by editor Lindsey Alexander. In her editor's note, Lindsey said a lot of lovely things about the poems in this issue while meditating on the importance of "Beauty, Age, Goodness, and Size" and the order in which they come.
"The poets in this Lumberyard consider the scope of these adjectives, and in a manner Mme Bunting would approve, put them up front.
"What's beautiful here? Two orphans sit in front of a rococo sunset and ponder love; girls sweat their hair out jumping rope; a hummingbird.
"In this issue, poets deal with age and size in content and form. Each fresh, each drawing on a backstory older than Adam (or atoms?), some long and quiet or just a few little lines loud and with punch.
"Along these lines, you might notice some changes to the Lumberyarda new kind of beauty for a new age. A new size to accommodate them."

It felt extra special to get a reference in the editor's note. It makes me feel like my poem had a greater hand in shaping the issue as a whole. Thank you so much, Lindsey and Larry, for taking such time and care with my poem and my fellow-LYers' work. And thank you to 7 Ton Letterpress Collective (in my beloved Asheville, NC) for your fabulous printing work on this gorgeous cover. This is all why it was absolutely worth the wait

You can buy your own copy here. And you should.